VCD Roundtable is a currently monthly Web-/Podcast where a group of VMware Cloud Director experts from VMware, Partners and Service Providers get together to discuss technical challenges, industry trends and how to build a better cloud platform. 

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Episode 26 - NSX Gateway and Distributed Firewall

In this technical Episode, join us as we provide the latest tips, solutions, and updates on NSX Edge clusters, distributed and gateway firewalls, license optimization,...

Episode 25 - Aria Operations - Enterprise Edition, Product integrations etc. under new VCSP program

The playing field has been leveled! As of April 1st, all service providers with new VCF contracts will have Aria Operations Manager Enterprise. So, learn all about the...

Episode 24 - VCSP Licensing (newest updates - March 2024)

By April 1st, you must be under a new contract and ready for the VCSP Program! In this Episode, we discuss core counts and optimization, licensing, and NSX. Specifical...

Episode 23 - VCSP Program Update

In Episode 23 we cover all the latest news around the VMware Cloud Service Provider Program, the different tiers, license models etc.

Episode 22 - vCF Product & Packaging - Part 2

Make sure your infrastructure and business is ready for the upcoming VCF packaging and learn how to leverage it to provide value to your customers and tenants? Episode...

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